Havana is a city with a storied past. Built by rich, slave-owning Spaniards, marauded by French pirates, sacked by the British navy, and infested by the American mafia, Havana was once an opulent city, and its name still conjures up images of gambling, cabaret shows, convertibles on the Malecon, and Hemingway. Intense, huge, and sprawling, […]

Coffee from the Window

Coffee is difficult to come by in Cuba. Like most tropical countries that produce coffee, Cuba exports the bulk of their yield. They sell primarily to Europe, but if not for the embargo, they would probably sell most of it to Starbucks. Perhaps because of this, Cuba does not have a cafĂ© culture, and while […]

Santa Clara

My introduction to Cuba starts on the plane. A guy is sitting in the window seat on the opposite side of the aisle, a Styrofoam container of food in a plastic bag is on the seat next to him. About halfway through the flight he picks it up, points at it and then to me, […]